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This page contains a list of Excel tutorials for financial applications.

I have posted the following tutorials:

  • Microsoft Excel as a Financial Calculator. It covers the basics of using the FV, PV, Rate, NPer, and PMT functions just like you would otherwise use on your financial calculator.
  • How to Create a Loan Amortization Schedule. It also shows how to use conditional formatting.
  • Bond Valuation. This covers the methodology of valuing bonds on, and between, coupon payment dates.
  • Calculating Bond Yields. This covers the calculation of the current yield, yield to maturity, and yield to call both on and between coupon payment dates.
  • Creating Time Value of Money Tables. Have you used the PVIF, FVIF, PVIFA, and FVIFA tables at the back of a finance or accounting textbook? Most classes use financial calculators these days, but I often get requests from students for tables. In this tutorial I demonstrate how to create these tables using Excel's conditional formatting, two-input data tables, data validation, and time value of money functions.
  • Make-Whole Call Valuation for Corporate Bonds - Do you know how to calculate the call price for a callable bond? Most bonds these days use a type of call known as a "make-whole" call provision. This tutorial explains how to calculate the call price.

Also, I have quite a bit of Excel related material available on my academic Web site. Specifically, you might check:

  1. My financial modeling course Web page - Scroll to the bottom for Excel files that are available.
  2. My Excel Stuff Web page - This page has a bunch of spreadsheets that I have put together that I think are useful to a broader audience.

I'm building this Web site as quickly as I can, and I hope that you will find it to be a very useful resource. If you have any requests for content please feel free to send me an email.

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