Duplicate Post Issue is Fixed

Monday, August 18, 2008

Last December I changed TVMCalcs.com from a static HTML site into a dynamic site using the ExpressionEngine content management system. I had tried several others, including Drupal and Joomla, but EE is more flexible, easier to learn, and extremely robust. I’m sure that I could have made any of those others work, but EE just made sense to me almost right away and the folks in the EE forums are extremely friendly and helpful. I highly recommend it if you are a webmaster looking for a CMS.


In any system that is new to you, there are always little details that slip by and eventually become irritating. For me, one of those things was that even minor editing of a blog post resulted in many feed readers (Google Reader for sure, but not FeedBurner as far as I can tell) thinking that it was a new post. I was finally pointed to the solution today after I gave up and asked on the EE forums. It turns out that the RSS template that I was using was appending a date stamp to the end of the post URLs that were sent to feed readers. So, every time I edited a post it got a slightly different URL in the feed. I found that code and removed the offending date stamp and I shouldn’t have any more duplicate (and more) posts.

Today’s flood of "new" (actually old) posts should be the last. I apologize for the inconvenience. Actually, I may come to regret this fix because I seemed to gain new subscribers with each post flood. I can live with that.

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